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Coffee Shop Discount Challenge

Welcome to this simple challenge, this is also recommended by Tim Ferriss as an experiment that everyone should try.

Purpose: Overcoming fear. Train your communication and negotiation skills.

Challenge Details:

  • Next time when you purchase a cup of coffee, ask for a 10% discount off the total bill.
  • When asked why you need a discount, you can use any reasons you like to respond and negotiate.
  • It may seem odd and feel intimidated for asking, especially when other customers may be around and heard what you said.
  • Don’t worry about what others may say or feel about you. Its an experiment to step out of your comfort zone no matter what the result is. Nothing to lose.
  • Comment and tells us how it went afterward, great to hear your stories…….

Lessons to be learned:

  • If you never ask for what you want, you will never get it.
  • Be very specific on the absolute worst outcome, it normally turns out not that bad.

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