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Every day, do something that scares you, live on the edge. Success is outside your comfort zone.

Trying things out that you have never done before, do some experiments (Tim Ferriss does it all the time), set yourself a stretch personal target and achieve it. Your improved self-confidence and self-esteem will change your life after the hard work you put in.

Personal challenges can be physical, mental, spiritual or financial. Whatever you wish to be. It may not necessarily need to be long-term┬áchallenges, it could just be walking into a coffee shop and ask for a 10% discount (with no reason and see what happens, nothing to lose), or talk to the person you really admire, join a toastmaster club, fly in a hot air balloon (like Richard Branson did), join a marathon/Spartan race, skydiving, save up a deposit for a home and so on. You will grow so much even you haven’t achieved the end goals as long as you have put in the best effort you could possibly can to achieve it. The journey will bring you invaluable experiences! We have a few recommended challenges for you to try… see if you are up for it!!

Test out our recommended challenges now!