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Short face to face courses

A lengthy and structured curriculumĀ is not necessarily the best form of education these days. There are many alternatives to get the most knowledge with the minimal amount of time. Online courses are good for self-study but they do lack the interaction with a real physical presence of people and team-based collaborative project work. Targeted short form face to face courses are available in many locations around the world and they offer part-time weeknights or weekend sessions so that you can still focus on your work while gaining additional knowledge. Courses can range from weeks to 1-2 months to focus on building your skill gaps and get you enough knowledge to move forward as quickly as possible. Requisites are rarely needed, just need to be open-minded and curious to learn.

General Assembly has over 20 locations worldwide, and with over 40 000 short courses to help you to reach your knowledge goals. The instructors are very experienced and good at teaching new concepts to beginners or make advanced topics easy to understand. They have short, medium length classes as well as online courses for you to attend based on your flexibilities. Topics to study can range from business skills, coding, data science and digital marketing etc. There are individual plans and team/company plans available. Price varies, a typical 4-week part-time course can cost around $2500 USD. Worth to explore when the time is limited and you need to up-skill quickly.