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Online Learning Platforms

Online platforms are one of the best ways to learn new skills on the go, most of them support all devices and offline downloads so you can learn anywhere and anytime. There are many free classes and paid ones too, we have chosen some of the most popular ones for you to explore if its the right fit for you.

Udemy has one of the biggest course selections (65000+) from programming, business skills, marketing, photography, health & fitness, design, music and so on. You name it, it’s probably there. Registration is free and the majority of the courses are around $10 USD to purchase, there is no restriction on how many times you watch it, its lifetime ownership. All courses also have ratings on the trainer with review comments and how many students have taken the course.


Creative Live is mainly catered for designers and creative students. The videos are classroom style and most of the trainers are influencers and experts in their fields. You will find this platform very useful if you are interested in photography, art, music, and design. There are also personal development and finance topics for you to explore. The good side of this platform is that you can view 1 class a day for free, or watch any of the live classes streaming at no cost as well. The downside for purchasing courses is the cost, it can go up to $50 USD per course to watch anytime. Mobile apps are also available to enjoy and download on your favorite devices.


Skillshare is a very diverse platform to learn all sort of skills and topics, not only you can sign-up to be a student but also a teacher to share your skills as well to earn some $$. The membership is very simple, for $8 USD/month you can view all 18000+ courses online or via mobile apps, offline downloads are also available. Streaming these courses during your spare time will definitely add value to any interests you may have, much better than spending time on Netflix.



LinkedIn is one of the most used professional social networks in the world. It now offers a learning subscription which allows you to access over 6000+ expert-led courses. There is a 1-month free trial and $29.99 USD monthly fee to have unlimited access to all courses. Team prices are also available. Topics range from professional business to programming languages, productivity tools, marketing and so on. You can also access courses from your mobile devices.




Treehouse offers techies a buffet of programming and IT courses. From Python to Javascript, web development, iOS app development, WordPress and general coding skills. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned programmer there are over 1000+ hours of video content for you to take your coding skills to the next level. It offers 7 days free trial and $25 USD/month thereafter.